What About My Doctor?

What about my Doctor?There are no restrictions on you wishing to undertake a course of acupuncture treatment and no permission has to be sought from your doctor. However, in clinic the question is often asked;

“What About My Doctor? – Do I tell my doctor or consultant that I am considering or actually having, a course of acupuncture treatment?”

Ideally the answer should be yes, so that your GP or consultant is fully aware of what you are doing to help yourself in relation to the improvement of your health. The majority of GPs and consultants are very understanding in these matters and have your very best interests at heart and will discuss any plans you may have to complement your treatment with them.

You should continue to take any prescribed medicine you have been given by the doctor, while undergoing acupuncture treatment. However, once acupuncture treatment has been started, and your symptoms begin to improve, it may be possible to reduce some medication and in some circumstances, eliminate it all together. Any reduction or elimination of orthodox medicine must be with your doctors knowledge and consent.

On a positive note, acupuncture is rapidly becoming universally accepted by the orthodox medical establishment and almost certainly within the next 10-15 years, will be available at most GP surgeries and NHS hospitals and the need to ask “What About My Doctor?” should no longer be required.