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The majority of these Testimonials were provided by a cross-section of patients attending the South Downs Acupuncture clinics in 2013, who were happy to tell their stories for others to see, when this new website was first published. They have supplied their names, addresses and signature on their original letters, and have given their full approval for publication.

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  1. Tracey Carter

    I’ve been smoking since I was 12 years old and am now 42. In the past, I had tried three times to stop smoking. I’ve used patches, gum and tablets from the doctor, all of which were unsuccessful. In fact, during one of my attempts at stopping, my father-in-law, who is a staunch non-smoker, went out and bought me a packet of cigarettes, because I was climbing up the walls craving for a cigarette!

    In 2013, my health started to deteriorate. I had breathing problems; I couldn’t walk upstairs or a hill without getting out of breath, was constantly coughing and generally didn’t feel well. I discussed my problems with a couple of friends who I knew had stopped and asked them how they did it? They both said they had done a course of acupuncture treatment with Philip Holmes.

    I spoke to Philip on the phone and he made it clear that I should make sure that, before I started the course of treatment, I didn’t have any events coming up, where I would be tempted to have a cigarette, e.g. birthdays or other celebrations.

    After my first treatment it was really weird, all thought of smoking had just gone out of my head! I didn’t have any cravings to smoke, it was quite surprising! I have now completed six treatments on my course, and I haven’t smoked a single cigarette! I am also able to be around other people who smoke, without having any interest in having one myself. Apart from having a metallic taste in my mouth, my sense of taste and smell has come back, and I feel so much better generally!

    I can only say thank you Philip for helping me to stop smoking. With your help and my determination, I’m already feeling healthier and looking forward to having a smoke-free future.
    Tracey Carter

  2. Marie Sellers

    In July 2005, I fell off my bicycle onto my right shoulder and was taken to hospital. The A & E staff told me that I had badly wrenched my shoulder and that I should consult my doctor. When I saw my doctor, he gave me a cortisone injection and medication as the pain was so bad and I was unable to lift up my arm. One month later, I saw the doctor again, as the shoulder was still very painful and stiff. The doctor gave me another cortisone injection which again didn’t help. Another month went by and the doctor recommended I see a manipulative therapist which also didn’t help my problem.

    I continued to suffer with severe pain and stiffness for about a year, when a friend recommended I should see Philip Holmes for acupuncture treatment, which I did in October 2006. After four treatments, my shoulder was a lot less painful and I was able to lift my arm. After six sessions, there was no pain or stiffness at all in my right shoulder which I was very pleased about. Philip has also treated the arthritis in my left hand and my left foot, which felt as if I was walking on pebbles all the time. These problems have all got better.

    For me, I don’t see the acupuncture as a cure, but rather as managing my problems. The reason I say this is because recently, I had to miss my regular once-a-month appointment to attend a funeral, during the fifth week, my shoulder became extremely painful and kept me awake at night. This is the first time in years that the pain has returned! As soon as I had my acupuncture treatment, the pain disappeared again!

    Philip is a very pleasant and helpful practitioner, and I would recommend him to anyone – which I often do!
    Marie Sellers

  3. Val Dunbar

    I have been visiting the South Downs Acupuncture clinic for the last 10 years. I first went to Philip when I had tennis elbow, and a problem with my knee, caused by my dog running into the back of my legs. The discomfort of both improved after only a few visits then cleared completely. Since then, I have been going to Philip every three months for a top-up treatment, which has kept me in good health and free of aches and pains. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip. He is very conscientious, professional, and has a genuine concern for my well-being.
    Valerie Dunbar

  4. Steve Hensher

    In July 2012, after two and a half years of constant headaches and earaches, 24 hours a day, due to this disease, I was told by an osteopath about Philip Holmes and his acupuncture treatment. As a last resort, I contacted Philip to book an initial course of four appointments. The first appointment did not make much of an improvement, but a couple of sessions later, the pain was easing. I decided to persevere with this treatment and had 12 sessions altogether. Although the pain in the last six months has been intermittent, it is much more bearable when it does occur.

    I would recommend Philip Holmes to anyone with problems that other treatments have not helped. He is a polite competent professional who puts you at ease and knows his job.
    Steve Hensher

  5. Andrew Cruttenden

    Many years ago my wife suffered a bad break in her ankle and had a lot of pain after it had healed. She started seeing Philip and she found it helped immensely. In May last year, I had a stroke which, through lack of mobility in my left arm, gave me a frozen shoulder causing me extreme pain. My wife suggested I try acupuncture with Philip, which is so far proving to be successful.
    Andrew Cruttenden

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