Practitioner Profile

Philip D Holmes BAc (ICOM), MBAcC, 8th Dahn (WKSA)

Practitioner Profile for Philip D Holmes

Oriental Medicine
Philip followed a four-year, full-time course in Oriental medicine and western medical sciences, graduating in 1990 from the International College of Oriental Medicine UK. (Bachelor of Acupuncture). He also attended lectures and seminars in S. Korea and the USA. Subsequently, he lectured at the ICOM for several years, teaching Oriental Medicine, Philosophy and Point Location. He also served as the Director of Studies at the College from 1991-1994.

Following his extensive training in Oriental medicine, in 1990, Philip established South Downs Acupuncture Clinics in the East Sussex area, with two busy practices in Eastbourne and Bexhill. Over a period of many years, Philip has given numerous talks on acupuncture to hospitals, medical support groups, schools, colleges, various societies, and at alternative health conventions.

Philip is also a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council, which represents and governs professionally qualified, classically trained, acupuncturists in the UK, who are recognised with the letters ‘MBAcC’ after their name.

Oriental Martial Arts
Since 1964, Philip has studied, practised and subsequently taught (since 1976) the traditional Oriental Martial Arts. To broaden his knowledge, Philip has travelled extensively in the UK, Europe, USA and S. Korea and in 1996, (after 32 years of practice and study), he was awarded a Master’s Degree, one of the first occidentals to achieve this honour. In 2014, he celebrated his 50th Anniversary of the practice and study of the traditional Oriental martial arts and was also awarded his 8th Dahn Black Belt.

Philip is also a prestigious Combat (magazine) ‘Hall of Fame’ recipient (2001). This honour was awarded ‘in recognition of his commitment and devotion to the development of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the world’. He has also been featured in, and has had articles on, the martial arts published in several magazines, and in 2010, was featured in a South Korean Government documentary film about the traditional Korean Martial Arts.