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The majority of these Testimonials were provided by a cross-section of patients attending the South Downs Acupuncture clinics in 2013, who were happy to tell their stories for others to see, when this new website was first published. They have supplied their names, addresses and signature on their original letters, and have given their full approval for publication.

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  1. N Braybrooke

    I was initially recommended to Philip by a local nutritionist, as I had been experiencing very irregular periods and had been diagnosed with endometriosis. Over the course of 18 months or so of acupuncture, my menstrual cycle stabilized and along with Western treatment for endometriosis and some deep energy work, I feel that my regular acupuncture sessions enabled me to become pregnant very easily (I was 39 when I gave birth).

    During my pregnancy, Philip was a life-line for me in terms of generally helping me to remain balanced and well. When I did suffer from very painful sinusitis during the 3rd trimester, acupuncture was the only way I could support my system, without resorting to antibiotics (which I was against taking anyway!)

    Since the birth of my child, I continue to see Philip once every 4-6 weeks and I feel his sessions are invaluable in helping me to regain balance post-partum and help boost my immune system so that I stay well. I have also been able to receive help with some structural issues regarding strained thumbs and a weakened lumbar area. This energetic ‘check-in’ also means I can get support with any difficult emotional situations that arise.

    I often recommend Philip to friends and clients, as not only do I wholeheartedly trust his professional capabilities and expertise, but find him a very warm and engaging person and it’s always a joy to receive a treatment session from him.
    N. Braybrooke

  2. David Haughton

    For some time, I was suffering with a stiff neck and had been to see more than one doctor on several occasions and a Consultant with no resolution. I discussed this problem with Philip, whom I met at a local sports club, and after careful consideration, I decide to try acupuncture to see if it could help?

    Philip treated me initially for what at the time was a stiff neck. However, by using classical diagnosis techniques, Philip knew something was not right. After a couple of sessions he suggested that I go back to my doctor for them to look again at my problem. At the time, I was hesitant to do this because of my previous experience of numerous surgery visits – having even been accused by one doctor of being a hypochondriac! On visiting the doctor and being robustly insistent that something was not right, I was sent directly to the hospital and was finally diagnosed with a MENINGIOMA. This is a tumour that forms on the surface of the brain. Fortunately for me, it was benign. The diagnosis was very late, and the effects were pronounced. For example, I virtually lost the use of my right arm; it had affected my left eye, I felt generally ill, and experienced very strange effects on my mind including a very bad temper. Following the eventual diagnosis, I ended up with an emergency operation that lasted 14 hours.

    While I was lucky and regained all my functions, I was left with chronic swelling on the skull where the operation had taken place. The treatment at the hospital was to drain the fluid and apply a high pressure bandage to stop the swelling, which essentially wasn’t working. It was very uncomfortable and was the worst part of the operation. After the operation, and feeling somewhat the worse for wear, I called Philip, who visited me at the hospital and worked on treating the swollen head and the after-effects of being sedated for such a long period of time. The effects were significant. After several days of suffering a swollen head, following Philip’s treatment, the swelling stopped and reduced significantly within a day.

    During my convalescence, I went to visit Philip several times; there was one early session following the operation which I shall never forget. I went into his clinic feeling incredibly stressed, as if I had experienced a big shock! By the time the treatment had finished, I remember the beneficial effect was very pronounced. Philip said it would take a few days but there was no doubt his treatment was already working; the effect was like a spring releasing. Acupuncture can be very powerful when administered by a person who knows what they are doing!

    While I am extremely gratefully for the skill of the surgeon and hospital staff who saved my life, following what was some significant surgery on what is the nerve centre of the body, I am incredibly pleased that I had met Philip. His skill and attention to detail with acupuncture I feel, provided me with a much faster recovery and avoided me being pickled with drugs which would have been the alternative. I was back at work within two weeks – albeit taking it easy. Some 20 years later, I still visit Philip regularly for what I call servicing and thankfully have remained healthy using a 2,000 year old technology!
    David Haughton (pseudonym)

  3. Mrs R C

    For much of my adult life I have suffered with migraines, which have had a debilitating effect on me. Over the years I have had a variety of medical tests, been advised not to eat chocolate and other foods, all to no avail. My Doctor had prescribed an effective tablet called ‘imigram’, but I was at the point of at least forty migraines a year and concerned at the quantity of tablets being taken.

    My principal hobby is needlepoint which is close work requiring concentration, the migraines made this type of work impossible. The migraines affected all aspects of my life and having reached my middle fifties, they showed no sign of easing, actually the contrary, they seemed to be getting worse, such that my GP sent me for a brain scan, which was fortunately clear.

    It was almost as a last resort that I decided, with my husband’s full support, to try acupuncture, and made an appointment to attend Philip’s practice in late 2013. The treatment I have received has been carefully considered and very professionally administered. It is no understatement to say that it has made a very positive change to my life, my migraines have all but stopped and this has allowed me to take up other interests, in addition to my needlework which would not have been at all possible previously.
    Mrs R. C.

  4. John Pilbeam

    I’ve had these terrible headaches virtually all my life, originally caused through riding accidents. I would get two to three headaches per month which would persist for two days at a time. Within a few treatments of acupuncture with Philip, I can say they have simply gone and have never come back since I started the treatment some eight years ago!

    At the age of 22, I dislocated and fractured my pelvis, again while riding! For several years I have had a manipulative therapy to help the pain, which has helped, however the lower back always seemed to feel weak. After discussing this with Philip, we decided to do a course of treatment specifically for the lower back. I can honestly say that my back now feels much stronger and I am able to do more work.

    Since attending Philip’s acupuncture clinic regularly, I find that it keeps my health problems to a minimum and would recommend him (as I have to several members of my family) without hesitation.
    John Pilbeam

  5. Pam Simons

    I originally went to Philip Holmes with crippling migraine attacks, which I had once a month. With the acupuncture treatment, in time, the severity of these attacks began to subside. Instead of the migraines lasting for three days, with persistent sickness on the first day, I now have them very rarely, with no sickness and only lasting for a day. Acupuncture also helped with low energy levels at the time of these attacks and generally.

    I have also been treated by Philip after keyhole surgery on my knee, and I believe the recovery after the operation was considerably helped through regular treatments at that time.

    I believe acupuncture is extremely beneficial in the treatment and management of painful conditions, and I now have monthly ‘maintenance’ treatments which continue to help me considerably.
    Pam Simons

  6. Leonard Vine

    I had my first acupuncture treatment from Mr Philip Holmes in 1999, and he has given me regular treatments since, as I have found the treatments to be so very beneficial. I suffer with a spinal problem, C5 cervical myelopathy. Over the years, this has caused various problems, some of a serious nature such as the loss of normal function of my left leg, and some which cause a great deal of pain.

    Over the last 12 years, I am pleased to say that the acupuncture treatment which Philip has given me has helped to alleviate my problems, especially with walking and the severe cramping pain in my leg muscles. All in all, acupuncture has given me a much improved lifestyle for which I am very grateful.
    Leonard Vine

  7. Wyn Daly

    Over eight years ago, I decided to look for an alternative treatment for the severe pain I was suffering from my back. The painkiller I was on, which was the highest dose the doctor could give me apart from morphine, was no longer working. After contacting the various acupuncturists in my area, I chose Philip Holmes, and I have to say, that it was the best decision I have ever made. Apart from a little stiffness (which considering I’m 76 years of age is not bad), I have no pain.

    On top of the back problem, I developed lung problems, and with Philip’s treatment, it has helped me considerably. I attend Philip’s clinic on a regular basis and hopefully for some time to come.
    Wyn Daly

  8. Elizabeth Brown

    Philip has been treating my Osteoporosis and Arthritis of the spine, for the last eight years. As a result, the intense pain has been considerably controlled, and I am very pleased to say that I am able to lead a relatively normal life. I have also suffered from Gout, an exceedingly painful complaint, and Philip has treated me for it with complete success.
    Elizabeth Brown

  9. Daimon Hall

    When my father was diagnosed with Cancer, the pain he experienced was severe. I remember him lying in the hospital bed drugged and unable to speak. At the time, I had known Philip for 10 years, and while the diagnosis was terminal, I called Philip with a view to making my father more comfortable and free of pain, as the drugs were no longer working effectively.

    I knew that acupuncture is known to be very effective for pain control, but the effects on my father were pronounced. Following the treatment, from a situation where we did not expect him to see out the night, the next day he was given a new lease of life. He was able to get out of bed, walk short distances and I was able to drive him to look at the sea, and to see some of his favourite places, without him being crippled with pain.

    My father died 6 days later, but the effect of the treatment in controlling the pain was incredible. While the effect was short lived, the ability to take my father out and for him to not be in pain, I shall always remember and am thankful for Philip’s skill with acupuncture.
    Daimon Hall

  10. Debbie Garrod

    Since I started my periods at the age of 14, I have generally suffered with debilitating period pains. This problem is especially acute when my period starts, where I would have excruciating pain with little show, which could go on for several days. Despite going to the doctor and being given pain relief medication, I continued to have severe pain.

    One day, I was in such severe pain, that I consulted Philip for acupuncture treatment, who came to my home. Within 30 minutes of the treatment, my period started and the pain disappeared. I can remember being so relaxed, as if I had drunk half a bottle of wine, I was so amazed at the result! I can’t recommend Philip highly enough for his professional skill, expertise and understanding of such delicate issues, where my dignity was maintained at all times.
    Debbie Garrod

  11. Mel & Emma Watts

    Dear Philip,
    We just wanted to drop you an email to say how grateful Emma and I are for your last visit. Well when you said you were ramping up the treatment a little you were not kidding, Emma was so relaxed she slept through most of her contractions, waking at 5.30am and timing them every few minutes. We jumped in the car and hurried to the hospital, arriving at 7am where Emelia Jo was born weighing in at 8lb 4oz at 7.24am. It was all very fast and the pain, apparently, was minimal. We cannot thank you enough for helping avoid Emma’s worst fear of being induced.
    Our sincerest gratitude
    Mel & Emma Watts

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