Conditions I-J-K-L

The majority of these Testimonials were provided by a cross-section of patients attending the South Downs Acupuncture clinics in 2013, who were happy to tell their stories for others to see, when this new website was first published. They have supplied their names, addresses and signature on their original letters, and have given their full approval for publication.

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  1. Suzanne de Havilland

    In 1976, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome following abdominal surgery. The condition was characterized by a hard mass in my left lower abdomen and was relieved only by massage and treatment with a specific benzodiazepine muscle relaxing drug. The symptoms were extreme abdominal discomfort, bloating, difficulty in swallowing, lethargy and general malaise and were present on an almost daily basis. As time went by, the medication became less effective and I became depressed, angry and frustrated that no effective cure could be found.

    Having completely lost faith in conventional medicine and in great distress, I first visited Philip’s clinic in 1992, and was amazed to find that after only one treatment, the symptoms were dramatically reduced. Within a month I was almost symptom free and only needed occasional medication. Working together with Philip, we found that the condition would start to recur if treatment was stopped completely, and established that it could be best stabilized with treatments every six weeks. I was then able to lead a normal and happy life.

    I dread to think what would have happened to me if I had not found Philip. Over the years I have found that there are many extra benefits of having regular acupuncture. Because of the overall healing properties of the treatment, the body seems to be kept in an optimum state of fitness, resulting in better recovery from general illness and injury. I am happy and confident to recommend Philip because in addition to his expertise and professionalism, I believe that he genuinely has the very best interests of his patients at heart.
    Suzanne de Havilland

  2. Moira Rowe

    Four years ago, I began to suffer from a pain in my left knee. This mainly occurred after a dancing session, or a game of bowls. My daughter suggested a course of treatment with Mr Holmes at his acupuncture clinic. After the first treatment, the pain in my knee subsided and soon disappeared altogether.

    At the first session, I also mentioned to Mr Holmes that for several months I had suffered with a very sore mouth, after having had dental treatment that had resulted in complications. After a few sessions, I was pleased to find that not only did the mouth get better, but also the pain I experienced in my hands, which was making my everyday life uncomfortable.

    Now in my eighties, I lead an active life still dancing and playing bowls I regularly attend Mr Holmes’ clinic where any of my problems are skilfully dealt with.
    Moira Rowe

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