Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsBeing an experienced acupuncturist, Philip will answer any questions you may have about acupuncture treatment, either on your initial, free telephone consultation, or during and after your treatment, and will offer any advice deemed necessary for your well-being. Here we have tried to answer some of the more Frequently Asked Questions a prospective patient may have about acupuncture treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Normally, you will follow an introductory course of treatment consisting of four sessions, usually on a once-a-week basis. This will give both you and the practitioner, a chance to see if acupuncture can help your particular condition. Subsequent treatments may be needed, and these will be discussed during the initial course.

What Should I Do Before I Have An Acupuncture Treatment?

The most important thing to remember is that you should have eaten something before treatment earlier in the day, but not a large meal. Also, you should not have taken any alcohol.

What Does It Feel Like To Have An Acupuncture Treatment?

Once the treatment has begun and the needles inserted, the most common response is that patients have a sense of calm and relaxation. During the course of the treatment, the practitioner may manipulate the needles to stimulate the patient’s energy. This in turn can produce a warm, tingling sensation around the needle, which sometimes travels along the meridian pathway.

How Will I Feel After I Have An Acupuncture Treatment?

This will depend on different factors and individual response. Some patients have reported feeling pleasantly calm and relaxed. Other patients have returned home feeling tired and some even have a short nap. Some patients have felt as if they have been given a boost of energy. There are also some patients, who may be in varying degrees of pain when they come in for treatment. They may, or may not, get immediate relief. It has to be said that in general, it is very difficult to predict accurately how any patient will respond to treatment.

Are There Any Do’s or Don’ts  After An Acupuncture Treatment?

In general, go about you daily life as normal, but do take it easy, and don’t do anything too exertive. You should also make sure you do drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and don’t drink alcohol if at all possible.

Do I tell My Doctor I am Having Acupuncture Treatment?

Please see What About My Doctor? on this website.

Do I Continue Taking My Prescribed Medicine While Having Acupuncture Treatment?

Please see What About My Doctor? on this website.

I’m Not Too Fond of Needles, Does It Hurt!

Most patients’ experience of needles is when they visit their doctor or nurse for blood tests or injections. Acupuncture needles in comparison are very fine and almost hair-like, and usually are not felt when being inserted. Once all the needles are in place, some patients don’t feel anything, others may experience a slight tingling sensation, or even a slight dull aching sensation, which usually dissipates after a few seconds.

Is Acupuncture Treatment Covered By My Health Insurance?

This depends on whether your particular Health Insurance provider covers acupuncture treatment? Please contact the company concerned, or check the details of your policy. Payment for acupuncture treatment is made on the day of the treatment, and you will have to claim reimbursement of your fees from your provider. Please ask for a receipt at the time of payment.

Is Acupuncture Treatment Safe?

When administered by a British Acupuncture Council registered member, acupuncture is safe. The results of two independent surveys published in the British Medical Journal in 2001 (MacPherson et al, White et al both BMJ September 2001) concluded that the risk of serious adverse reaction to acupuncture is less than 1 in 10,000. The acupuncture needles which are used are blister-packed, sterile, single-use and disposable, so there is no risk of cross infection.

Are There Any Side-Effects With Acupuncture Treatment?

There are virtually no side-effects with acupuncture treatment. Occasionally, a patient may feel a little light-headed or slightly dizzy, especially after the first treatment. Occasionally, there may be a slight bruise at the needle site. There may be a slight exacerbation of the symptoms for a day or so, as the acupuncture starts to work on the problem.

Can a Relative or Friend Accompany Me on My Acupuncture Treatment?

As a patient of the South Downs Acupuncture clinics, you are very welcome to bring along a relative or friend to accompany and stay with you during any of your treatments. Please remember though, there may be occasions when you and your therapist are discussing personal matters during the consultation.

It is hoped that the above “Frequently Asked Questions” have answered all your queries.  If not, please call South Downs Acupuncture clinics, and we will be pleased to assist you.