Conditions E-F-G-H

The majority of these Testimonials were provided by a cross-section of patients attending the South Downs Acupuncture clinics in 2013, who were happy to tell their stories for others to see, when this new website was first published. They have supplied their names, addresses and signature on their original letters, and have given their full approval for publication.

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  1. Eileen Vaines

    For many years I ran a health food store and this involved a lot of lifting and reaching up to either place, or take down, items on shelves on a daily basis. In early 1992, my left shoulder gradually became more and more painful and stiff, to the extent that I was no longer able to do things normally in the shop.

    After suffering for many months with my frozen shoulder, and not having found anything that would help, in October of that year, I decided to try acupuncture, to see if this would help my shoulder? I contacted Philip Holmes and we started a course of treatment. I was pleasantly surprised as my left arm responded almost immediately after the first treatment. I was able to move my arm a lot more than before the treatment, although there was still a lot of pain there. By the sixth treatment, I had complete range of movement and no pain.

    Since that first course of treatment over twenty years ago, I have seen Philip on a regular basis for several different problems and most of the time, he is able to help with the issues I present him with.
    Eileen Vaines

  2. Ann Williams

    I have been treated by Philip since 1991, as in my early twenties my Candida was rife and energy levels were extremely low. My symptoms became noticeable in my teens, when I was always sleeping. The symptoms were flu-like, lymph glands swollen, tonsillitis/thrush in throat and general aching, which caused me to be bedridden. Being a self-employed hair-stylist, a pattern appeared that every two months, I would ‘crash’ for four days. The doctor sent me to a Nutritionist to improve my diet. A Homeopathic client urged me to try acupuncture, and I haven’t looked back.

    Twenty five years on, I still come to see Philip monthly, to keep me ‘ticking over’, and I cannot recommend this treatment enough! I am a working mother of two teenagers, a dog to walk and a horse to ride. My energy levels have improved immensely, giving me a far better quality of life. I highly recommend acupuncture for any ailment you may have. Philip puts everyone at ease, try it and see!
    Ann Williams

  3. Anne Krause

    Since childhood, I have suffered from severe Hay Fever, with swollen and itchy eyes, mouth, nose, and sneezing attacks, which led to fever and sometimes bronchospasm. After many years of steroid injections and antihistamines, taken every year all through spring, summer and autumn, I was allergy (skin) tested in the 1980’s and then ‘desensitised’ for three years by my GP, to several pollen species. It had a moderate effect. I was still suffering badly every year from spring to autumn, despite taking (various brands of) antihistamines every day.

    A colleague at the hospital I worked in at the time recommended acupuncture, and I found a very experienced acupuncturist to treat me successfully every summer for several years. However, with each job-related move, I needed to find another acupuncturist whom I trusted, and whose treatment worked! Over the next 20 years, I met professional and less professional practitioners and came to realise that there are a lot of charlatans out there, who call themselves acupuncturists, after having had only a few months (sometimes only a few weekends) of training!

    I met Philip in 2007, and realised after the first treatment session, that I had found an experienced professional, with years of practising and teaching acupuncture. Within a short time, my Hay Fever symptoms (nearly) fully resolved. Encouraged by this success, I began to see Philip for other ailments. Over the years, he has treated me successfully for my menopausal symptoms which include, hot flushes, palpitations and sweating attacks, as well as for headaches and stress-related tiredness and energy loss.

    As a person, Philip is kind, gentle and full of humour, and I highly recommend him to anybody with any symptoms, however weird and wonderful. He is also experienced and professional enough to know his limits (i.e. when referral to another specialist might be required), and I am sure that he would not offer his treatment unless he knew (there was a strong possibility) that he could help.
    Anne Krause

  4. Janet Luttridge

    I had been having headaches almost every day for two years. After many visits to both the doctors and hospital, I tried various types of pills which did not help. Then my son suggested acupuncture in which he is a great believer. After two treatments my headaches disappeared. I had two further treatments to complete the course and now four months on I am still free from headaches.

    I would certainly recommend Mr Holmes.

    Janet Luttridge

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