Dr. J. D. Van Buren: Dr. Ac. MBAcC (1921-2003)Dr van Buren

In Oriental culture (especially), it is a traditional custom to honour and respect your teachers, and to acknowledge their contribution to your understanding of a given subject. Although I owe a great debt to a number of very talented and knowledgeable teachers, I am especially privileged to have been taught personally and to have worked alongside the late Dr J. D. van Buren, the Founder and Chancellor of the International College of Oriental Medicine.

Dr. van Buren and Philip D HolmesIn my 10 years at the college, both as an undergraduate and lecturer, I was able to share in Dr. van Buren’s profound knowledge and special insight into Oriental philosophy and medicine.

A pioneer in the field of acupuncture in the West, Dr. van Buren remained a very modest, quiet and caring man, who inspired many students to go on to become practitioners themselves, and to continue his work. Several of his students have achieved great success both in the academic and literary fields, writing books on acupuncture that have become standard texts, not only in the UK, but all over the world. I am certain that when the history of acupuncture here in the UK is written, Dr. J D van Buren will be remembered with great esteem and gratitude for his tremendous efforts and pioneering spirit in this field.

Peter Firebrace: BAc FBAcC

Peter Firebrace, Dr van Buren and PhilipI would also like to acknowledge Peter Firebrace, the Principal of the ICOM, and lecturer in Oriental Medicine and Philosophy during my undergraduate course. Peter’s unique teaching style and deep understanding simply brought the subject alive. His enthusiasm and dedication to the furtherance of Oriental Medicine and Philosophy, through seminars and various media, continues to be an inspiration to new generations of practitioners.

For anyone wishing to know more about the subject of acupuncture, I would highly recommend Peter’s book, A Guide to Acupuncture, published by Constable, which was co-written with another of my teacher’s Sandra Hill. This book serves as a superb and comprehensive introduction to this profound and time-honoured subject.