Conditions A-B-C-D

The majority of these Testimonials were provided by a cross-section of patients attending the South Downs Acupuncture clinics in 2013, who were happy to tell their stories for others to see, when this new website was first published. They have supplied their names, addresses and signature on their original letters, and have given their full approval for publication.

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  1. Andrew Mills

    I have known and been treated by Philip Holmes for several years for various ailments with excellent results. He is by far the most experienced and knowledgeable practitioner in his field that I have known. Most notably he treated me for an arthritic spinal disorder, for which a leading consultant had recommended major spinal surgery, and which he could not guarantee would be successful. This disorder was treated by Philip with 100% success. Therefore I have had no hesitation in recommending Philip to various colleagues and friends, all of whom have had excellent outcomes
    Andrew Mills

  2. John O'Reilly

    In 2010, I tripped over a child’s bicycle. This led to a constant dull aching pain and sharp shooting pain in both my feet, which became worse after walking or squatting. It often felt like a hot rag was wrapped around my feet! This made my job as a plumber very difficult, due to the awkward positions I have to get in to do my job.

    After several months of going to the doctor and being treated with anti-inflammatory and pain-killing tablets with little effect, I then had an X-ray which confirmed I had arthritic degeneration in both feet. After consulting a specialist who prescribed insoles in my shoes, which again had little effect, I decided to try acupuncture.

    I consulted Philip Holmes at the Harbour Medical Practice, who initially recommended four treatments to see if acupuncture could help my problem. By the fourth session, there was a definite improvement in my condition and I felt more comfortable at work generally. Now, after 18 months of treatment, I continue to have little or no pain at all and I’m very pleased I decided to try acupuncture treatment.
    John O’Reilly

  3. Gwen Parke

    Some seven years ago I read about acupuncture, and how it could help arthritis. Having suffered with pain in my knees for some time, I decided to find out more about it. Talking to a friend, she told me about Philip Holmes’ clinic, which I have been attending now for seven years.

    I find that Philip’s treatment has really helped me to be more mobile and has taken the pain away. He now also treats my shoulder. I am now 81, and feel with this treatment, I am able to widen the scope of my activity.
    Gwen Parke

  4. Patricia Langley

    I previously lived in Croydon, where I had been having acupuncture regularly for the past 10 years, as I had always found it very helpful for my problems. As I was a firm believer in acupuncture, when I moved to Eastbourne in 2013, I consulted Philip Holmes, to continue looking after my health. I have arthritis in my neck, lower back and thumbs, which all variously causes me sharp shooting pain or dull aching pain, and can be very uncomfortable.

    I am very pleased I have been able to find a properly qualified and competent professional, who knows what he is doing and can make me feel at ease during my treatment. I am pleased to report that since I started having acupuncture with Philip, there is an overall improvement in all of my symptoms, and I continue to have faith in this effective form of medicine.
    Patricia Langley

  5. Lavinia Allison

    Since 1989, and until I commenced acupuncture treatment in 1997, I suffered a progressively worsening, if intermittent situation, where my fingers and knees became so swollen and painful that I was unable, for example, to grip a pencil properly, or walk any distance. I visit the South Downs Acupuncture Clinic in Bexhill regularly, because it is the only way I have found to manage the arthritic problem I have, which affects my fingers and knees. A three-monthly visit to see Philip helps me to control the symptoms and lead a normal life.

    I am pleased to say that the acupuncture treatment appears to have stopped the progressive nature of the problem. I can now carry out all garden tasks happily and enthusiastically and walk up to eight miles every week with my local rambling group.
    Lavinia Allison

  6. B Aitken

    I have always been a very active person. In 1994, both my knees started to ache and my ankles felt weak, but I carried on regardless! However, by 1998, both my knees and ankles were becoming worse, so I asked my neighbour about the acupuncture treatment she was having and who the practitioner was?

    After consulting Philip for a few sessions, my knees began to feel a whole lot better, without the aching pain, and my ankles felt so much stronger and not giving way. Although I originally went to Philip for treatment of my arthritic knees and ankles, he has also treated my asthma and hay fever, which over the years he has kept under control, along with other ailments that have occurred from time to time.

    I have always found Philip to be very professional in the way he approaches my treatment, with a keen sense of humour which I find reassuring.
    B. Aitken (pseudonym)

  7. Brenda Canning

    Having received acupuncture at a clinic in Suffolk for arthritis and degeneration of lower back discs, I was fortunate enough to meet Philip in 1998, and continue my treatment with him in Bexhill-on-Sea. I realise I cannot be cured, but Philip has maintained my mobility in this respect, and has helped me with various other ailments. I have benefited from my three-monthly appointments during this time. I find he always treats me with great respect.
    Brenda Canning

  8. Jean Stevens

    I first went to see Philip Holmes in 2009, because of the onset of arthritis in my hip, knee, thumbs and neck. I had a course of three treatments and was subsequently free of pain. I have found that by visiting Philip every four months, it helps ameliorate my pain.

    In the same year, I was diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes. I went back to see Philip, as I was having problems with the circulation in my feet. The acupuncture helped me greatly. Later that year, I suffered a whiplash injury. A course of acupuncture treatments helped me with this problem as well.

    When I first went to see Philip, he put me at ease and explained the treatment to me. He is very kind, considerate and has a good sense of humour. I feel confident recommending people to him.
    Jean Stevens (pseudonym)

  9. Harold Frankland

    At the age of six, I experienced lung problems with asthma and bronchitis, which culminated in a severe bout of double pneumonia. This left me with chronic breathing problems and general anxiety. Although my doctor had put me on medication, which to a certain extent helped, I still was not free of the symptoms.

    I first consulted Philip in 1993 at the age of 78. After approximately six acupuncture treatments, I felt a great deal better. I stopped having acupuncture and was okay for 18 months, at which time, my old symptoms of anxiety and having a ‘funny feeling’ in my chest returned. I consulted Philip once again, and within another six treatments, I was feeling a lot better again.

    Since that time, over the past twenty years, I have seen Philip regularly for acupuncture treatment, and although the treatment doesn’t cure my problem, it certainty keeps it under control, and greatly alleviates the anxiety I experience, by making me feel calmer and more centred.

    In January 2015, I celebrated my 100th Birthday! Thankfully, I still have most of my marbles and a good sense of humour. I am very pleased I have met Philip, and been able to benefit from his acupuncture treatment, which I feel sure has contributed to my longevity.
    Harold Frankland

  10. Rosamunde Grant

    In 1995, I had been suffering with asthma and hay fever for some time. I had previously had acupuncture for these conditions, which I found helpful, but my regular acupuncturist had moved away. A friend, who had similar problems, recommended I try Philip, as she had been considerably helped by him. After the first treatment, I can say that the tightness I experienced in my chest disappeared, and I reduced my ventolin from four times a day to three. After the second treatment, I felt so much better, that I decided I would only use the ventolin, as and when needed. As the weeks went by, I found my chest, coughing and breathing was generally much better.

    In the past 20 years, Philip has treated me quite successfully for several different ailments including, hot flushes, stomach ulcers, headaches and vertigo, and I continue to feel confident that generally, the acupuncture keeps me on an even keel. I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of acupuncture, and am pleased to recommend Philip, as I know he is a competent and experienced practitioner in this field.
    Rosamunde Grant (pseudonym)

  11. Philip D Holmes

    Several Testimonials, relating in general to BACK PAIN & SCIATICA, can be found on this website’s Acupuncture BACK PAIN SUCCESS STORIES page.
    Philip D Holmes

  12. Mr J Thompson

    In 1998, I suffered from Bell’s palsy, a condition that appears, to all intents and purposes, like a stroke. The muscles on the right side of my face were flaccid, and I had to sleep with a plaster to hold my eyelids shut! I had a course of acupuncture with Philip Holmes and the condition cleared up. A friend of a friend also had Bell’s palsy at the same time as me. He took drugs for it, and only partially recovered facial movement …

    Since then, Philip has helped me with other problems for example, persistent coughs. Once, a stubborn tickly cough, which had been on-going for three-months, cleared the day after having one treatment! Philip has also helped me with my sciatica.

    In 2012, I contracted viral meningitis and was hospitalised. Afterwards, (I believe) Philip helped my recovery by strengthening my immune system. In the same year, I also suffered a whiplash injury due to a road traffic collision. Philip treated me for this with two treatments which helped my recovery. He has also helped me with my constant worrying about things which I have no control over.

    I consider myself very fortunate indeed to know Philip. He is an expert in his field and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
    Mr J Thompson (pseudonym)

  13. Marilyn Baker

    I have had treatment from Philip Holmes for the past 20 years. At first, it was for High Blood Pressure, which has been under control since that time. I go back for top up treatments every three months, which helps me to cope with my life in general.

    I have also had Breast Cancer, and acupuncture helps me to deal with the side effects of treatment for this condition. Together with Philip’s help with acupuncture, and other forms of complementary medicine, I have been able to survive another 20 years, when doctors told me I would not survive for more than a year …

    Philip has also helped my husband, who suffers from Anxiety and Depression. The change in him was quite amazing – even his workmates could not believe the difference the treatment had made!

    I have always found Philip to be a kind and caring man, and he has been a great strength to me. He is always there when I need him, and I would recommend the high-quality of treatment my husband and I have always received from him to anyone…
    Marilyn Baker

  14. Carol Moore

    During the latter part of 2000, I started to experience numbness, tingling and a burning sensation in the left hand and to a lesser extent, in my right hand. I consulted my GP who diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and offered a cortisone injection which I declined. Over the following months the symptoms started to get worse and I decided to try alternative treatment.

    My first appointment with Philip was in November 2000. After only one appointment the numbness and tingling in my left hand started to alleviate and I continued to notice a marked improvement after each of the following three appointments. The symptoms in my right hand also improved. I continued my appointments with Philip and it was only in 2011, that I regrettably decided that I had to take up the offer of an operation on my left hand, which has been largely successful, although I do still experience slight tingling and numbness. I still have a slight problem with my right hand, but this does not bother me sufficiently to consider having an operation.

    I continue to see Philip every three months and his treatment always seems to alleviate the problem. I have always found Philip to be very professional, kind and sympathetic, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
    Carol Moore

  15. Alice Davis

    In December 2007, I developed a very bad chest infection, which persisted until March 2008. During that period, I experienced a lot of coughing, wretching and mucus. A visit to the doctor and subsequent X-Ray showed some scarring of the Lungs. A few months later, although the infection had cleared up, I was left with tightness in the chest, and found I was often coughing and clearing my throat. My partner had been seeing Philip for over 20 years, because he had suffered from opportunist infections and found acupuncture to be very beneficial for his problems. He recommended that I tried a course of acupuncture, to see if it would help my problems, which I did in July 2008.

    During the first four to six weeks of treatment, I coughed up a lot of mucus, and the chest continued to feel tight; I was concerned that the problem was actually getting worse! However, Philip assured me that this was a normal response, as the acupuncture was dispersing, or bringing out the accumulated mucus. After about six treatments, the cough, and tightness in the chest became less, and so did the mucus. After about 12 treatments, there was only a vague suspicion of my old symptoms. I began to feel my old self again. I then continued having three-monthly top-ups to maintain a level of good health and well-being.

    In early 2011, I had an accident and fractured my left leg. This in turn affected my left foot, resulting in my not being able to flex my left big toe. An MRI scan revealed nerve-end damage, resulting in my left toe hanging down and my not being able to pull the toe up. I found this state of affairs quite upsetting, as I realised it would seriously affect my dancing. Within one year of treatment and exercises, Philip had successfully got my left toe virtually 100% fixed!

    As a school teacher, I find that the inevitable stresses that go with that kind of job are also helped with my continuing acupuncture treatment with Philip. I can thoroughly recommend trying this therapy, as it certainly has helped me and my problems.
    ALICE DAVIS (pseudonym)

  16. Mrs E Edbrooke

    In 2006, I had a complete collapse, suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME. I had a lot of time off work, and was too weak to walk very far, or do anything very much at all, and my concentration was poor. I had to stop my singing (my favourite hobby), and was concerned that my relationship with my young grandchildren would suffer, as I no longer had the energy to spend time with them.

    I was recommended to visit Mr Holmes for acupuncture treatment by my nutritionist, who was helping me get my life back on track. I felt an improvement after my first visit and over the next few months, that improvement continued until I felt like my old self again, as my energy levels returned back to normal. With only a three-monthly top-up of acupuncture being needed now, I am able to maintain my energy levels and gradually resume all the activities in my life, which the ME had previously prevented me from taking part in. I now have the stamina to resume my singing with several choirs and was able to sing solos again. (It takes a lot of stamina to stand and sing for two hours and concentrate and get it all right!)

    As well as helping me to build up the performance of my immune system, Mr Holmes has also helped me with other problems along the way like my backache, and my neck stress problems, as well as helping me with an attack of eczema. My problems have always been dealt with in a most professional, reassuring and friendly manner.
    Mrs E Edbrooke

  17. Pamela Sturgeon

    Dear Philip,
    I really had to write this letter, in the sincere hope that other people as ill as me, can know about you and the incredible results your acupuncture treatment can bring. A few years ago I was classed terminally ill by the medical profession. I was in fact told, at best, I had three months to live. At this time, I was living in Somerset and decided, along with my family, to spend my last days by the sea. This was thought to be a stupid idea by my doctors at that time. I was 67 years old.

    My problems were multiple. Severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / emphysema, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, along with all the side issues these medical conditions bring. Life was very difficult to say the least. Although no day was easy, winters were a nightmare. Without fail, from every October through to March at least, were spent in bed/chair on steroids and antibiotics, fighting to breathe and totally exhausted from the incessant coughing, I used at least eight boxes of tissues a week!

    Last year, after a lot of searching to find, for me, the right kind of professional acupuncture practitioner, (having in the past, experienced personally both good and bad practitioners), I found you. I give you my full permission to use this letter in whatever format you wish, as I would like as many people as possible to realise what an incredible difference the acupuncture treatment can make to their lives.

    This year, although having lots of colds (one downside of living with four grandchildren ages 2 to 12, all attending different schools), I have not spent one day in bed – a big first in eight years! No steroids, no antibiotics, one box of tissues a week, and no panic attacks because I cannot breathe. And as if all that was not enough, I feel really well, I attribute all of this to having discovered you, and the incredible therapy you offer. It has truly given me a new lease of life. I am now 75 years of age and still going strong. Onward and upward!
    Grateful thanks and kindest regards
    Pamela Sturgeon: February 2006

  18. Pamela Sturgeon

    Dear Philip,
    Further to my unsolicited Testimonial, which I sent to you in February 2006, I would now like to respond to your request for an update on my health, some seven years later …

    In 2006, I was happy to say how much my health had improved from previous years, when I was practically bedridden during winter and spring months. Now in 2013 at the age of 82, I would like everyone to know that seven years later, I am not only very much still here, but I continue to feel so incredibly well and have so much energy… I have virtually had no attacks of breathlessness or exhausting coughing fits, and in all those years, have hardly had to take any antibiotics or steroids, only when I have succumbed to the occasional cold. I attribute 90% of this to your acupuncture treatments, which I feel hold me at this fantastic level of good health! I do not take any medication; I simply have my once-a-month acu-haler! Philip, thanks to you I am looking forward to the next 10 years!
    Grateful thanks and kindest regards,
    Pamela Sturgeon: August 2013

  19. John Simons

    Whilst attending Philip Holmes’ clinic seven years ago, he noticed a swelling on my neck and suggested that I saw my doctor immediately. This was subsequently diagnosed as Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and whilst it was obviously not possible to treat the cancer with acupuncture, Philip saw me once every three weeks whilst I was undergoing chemotherapy, and I believe the treatment he gave me alleviated the side effects of chemotherapy greatly. I am now in full remission, but have regular treatments to boost my immune system. I do believe that without the acupuncture treatments with Philip, the side effects of the chemotherapy would have been far more severe and difficult to tolerate.
    John Simons

  20. Ray McChrystal

    In 1984, I experienced severe chest and back pains. This was eventually diagnosed by the Lewisham Hospital as Pleurisy. Over the years, I then continued to suffer from frequents colds and infections. In 1991, I was having a particularly bad cold with a lot of coughing, sneezing and dizziness and a loss of energy. I consulted Philip and almost immediately after the first session, the sneezing stopped, my nose dried up and my symptoms generally improved. However, as the weeks went by, my symptoms fluctuated between getting worse and better. After 3-4 months of acupuncture treatment, I was generally feeling a lot better and somehow had more energy.

    I have now been seeing Philip regularly for the past 24 years, and he has successfully seen me through several different problems over the years. From looking at other testimonials, this is the point where I am supposed to say something nice about him, but I won’t, as he has singularly failed to restore my Elvis Presley quiff, which I’m sure he said he would do …
    Ray McChrystal

  21. Alex Burns

    I first started seeing Philip for treatment for my diabetes 23 years ago, and in that time he has been a great help to me. I was having problems with keeping my blood-sugar levels controlled, which then started to affect my kidneys and eyes. I was told that I would need laser surgery and a kidney and pancreas transplant within the next five years.

    My mother advised me to go and see Philip, and with the treatment he has given me every month, I have not had any laser surgery on my eyes and have only now, 23 years later, had my kidney and pancreas transplant. I have also managed not to have any dialysis treatment. Philip is now helping me with my recovery from this surgery.

    I firmly believe that the treatment I have received, and continue to receive from Philip, has helped me with my diabetes and also with the many sporting injuries which have plagued me over the years. (I have often been injured breaking bones and straining muscles, playing football and cricket).
    Alex Burns

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